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Cortez Ballroom

Dance has been an intrinsic part of human interaction for centuries, predating even the spoken word. As it evolved, dance became intertwined with our social functions and gradually became more formalized. Today, in the Western Hemisphere and the United States, dance has expanded beyond the traditional forms of indigenous groups to include the rich cultural heritage of immigrants. As modern media broke down barriers among people, new dance forms emerged, reflecting the diverse experiences of those living in the United States.


At Cortez Ballroom, we believe that dance is a universal language that everyone can learn. That's why we offer quality and affordable dance instruction to students in San Diego and Southern CA. Our commitment is to bring the steps, movement, lifestyle, entertainment, and joy of dancing to our community.

Our highly qualified instructors provide excellent customer service, ensuring that you will feel confident on the dance floor. Whether you are taking your first steps on your wedding day or embarking on a competition that will take you on a dance journey unlike any other, we are here to guide you.

Part of our mission is to create a dance community that fosters an environment that is challenging, rewarding, creative, and respectful of ideas and individuals. We believe that treating the community with dignity and respect while conducting business fairly and ethically is crucial to becoming a leader in creating an extraordinary dance experience.

Join our dance community today and experience the joy of movement, creativity, and connection!

Learn with us and

dance the night away!

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