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Group Dance Classes

Ballroom Dancing Lessons
Step Up Your Game:
Dance Classes Are Perfect for Beginners and Beyond!


Welcome to Cortez Ballroom,  where we specialize in personalized private lessons tailored to your unique needs. But don't worry, we've got options for everyone, including a variety of group classes held at various venues throughout San Diego and its surrounding areas. Whether you're flying solo or bringing a partner, our classes offer a supportive social setting where you can practice your moves before showing off your skills in the real world.

Group classes are perfect for both beginners and experienced dancers looking to discover new dances, learn new patterns, and review what you're learning in your private lessons. Progressive classes will build your skills up week after week, so be sure to attend all the classes in the session, unless otherwise noted.

No previous experience is necessary for our drop-in classes, and each session is an independent unit of learning. Plus, we rotate partners in classes to help you practice leading and following different styles and levels you'll encounter on the social dance floor.

At Cortez Ballroom, we encourage our students to take advantage of classes offered by other teachers or dance schools throughout Southern California. We'll keep you updated on all the local dance happenings alongside our own class offerings.

Stay in the know and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or subscribe to our newsletter. With The Cortez Ballroom, you'll learn to dance like a pro and have fun doing it. Let's get dancing!

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